Once upon a time

2011: while on a boat trip on the Leman lake, 
Caloune, Benou and Nico decide it was time
Nico had just showed them his latest video
About the unique lidless mug he’d been working on
No more doubts for the future, 
It was time for them to start the new adventure.


An invention! Designing and manufacturing a new product
It had been a lifelong dream for this little boy
Who knew that as soon as the occasion would rise
He would attempt and not look back.


neolid becomes real in January 2012
As everyone knows, neo means new
And lid seemed like the obvious ending
Once the concept ready, it was now time to create the product from scratch


18 months were necessary to finalize the project
It’s on July 14th 2013 that the first TWIZZ is purchased
It has since been sold past our borders 
In over 20 countries and less than 2 years, more than 100 000 sold


In 2015 we decided to expand our range of products and our presence worldwide
We created the BOX: lidless container now available in our offices in California and France
We are ready to grow, and just like the little boy, continue to dream

« Give your life a twist »

Fun facts

27 : average age of neolid team at the headquarters


15 : missed photos taken of the team before finally getting and publishing THE one


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