What is neolid ?

The beginning idea of Nicolas, neolid's founder, was to supress the lids of his mugs and lunch boxes.
As soon as he has the idea, he launched neolid the 14th july 2013 the first TWIZZ was sold!

It's neolid's mug and your future daily ally. It's the first mug wich is insulated, watertight and without lid. All oh this is possible thanks to an innovative closure system patented in France.
In 2015, the range became more important with the arrival of the BOX : the same system than the TWIZZ but for your lunchbox.

The personnalized TWIZZ

The TWIZZ is an alternative to the traditional plastic single-use cup.
More than that, it's insulated and it will keep the coffee hot for 2 hours. For the cold drinks it will keep it 6 hours cold.
It's the end of the innumerable goblets wasted thanks to this creative, innovative and économie-responable cup!
Thanks to its hermetic closure system, no more coffees, teas and others drinks spilled on your desktop, computer keyboard and important files!
More informations here.

The personnalized BOX

In the same way than the TWIZZ, the BOX eliminates the waste associated with packaging of prepared meals, often of poor quality.
It's therefore an economical solution but also a dietetic solution for those who want to prepare healthy and malignant dishes !
This BOX is also watertight, insulated and without lid.
More informations here.

They trusted us

Some exemples of clients we had the pressure to collaborate with.
Thanks to personnalized TWIZZ and BOX, they were able to boost their brand image and act for the planet by participating in the reduction of packaging.


Personnalized TWIZZ


Personnalized BOX




Happy clients

Unique and innovative

Our products are the only ones to guarantee : watertight, insulated all without lid!

Gold medals

Our products have won several medals at the Lépine competition, including the gold medal!

French patends

Our products are developed in France, specifically in Lyon.

For any inquiries or quotations, please ask to Alexander by clicking here.