Boost your brand image with neolid!

Communicative, innovative but also reusable and eco-friendly, here are the customized TWIZZ and BOX by neolid!
Business branding with comfort and no effort!

No more coffee spilt on computer’s keyboard or waiting raw for the microwave at the lunch break.

100% spill proof thanks to our patented closing system (2 gold medals at the Lépine contest, very cool!) and insulated, TWIZZ and BOX allow you to enjoy and transport your drinks and meals at the right temperature, even in the car!
Practical and economical, no more prepared dishes or take away coffees.
For your business: a wise and stylish solution for less waste and optimized communication!

With the TWIZZ, no more disposable plastic cups wasted by thousands.
Rather clever considering that they are now banned in lost of countries !
At the forefront of innovation and many possibilities of personalization, the TWIZZ and the BOX are at the top of business communication! 

Insulated TWIZZ cup, 3 available sizes : you will find the one that suits you!

The TWIZZ 350mL: the only insulated mug that goes in the microwave with a wide choice of customization, at the top of communication!

Made of PP and silicone, the TWIZZ cup 350mL is microwavable and allows you to heat your drink.
With a large choice of colors, you will have the blow of heart!
Insulated: 2h hot, 6h cold.

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The Steel TWIZZ 600mL: the ideal stainless steel mug that will quench any thirst with a breathtaking insulated!

With its large capacity of 600mL, you can hydrate all day. Thanks to its double wall stainless steel you will have more heat for more happiness (8h hot, 12h cold).

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Steel TWIZZ 200mL: the coffee machines star!

Its small size allows it to go under all the coffee machines, for the espresso of the early risers or the long coffee of the less in a hurry.
Insulated too, it keeps the hot 3h and the cold 6h.

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The custom Steel TWIZZ 350mL

The custom Steel TWIZZ 600mL

The custom Steel TWIZZ 200mL

Steel TWIZZ 200 personnalisés
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They trusted us

Find some examples of clients with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating.
Thanks to branded TWIZZ and BOX they have been able to boost their activity, improve their
brand image and act for the planet by participating in the reduction of wasting.

Unique and innovative

Our products are the only ones to guarantee: sealing and insulating, without lid!

Gold medal

Our products have won several medals at the Lépine contest, including the gold medal!

French patents

Our products are developed in France, more precisely in Lyon.

For any request, please contact [email protected]