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The TWIZZ Polka mug is:

  • Insulated : it keeps your drink hot 2h and cold 6h
  • Sealed : you will not lose any more of your drinks!
  • Without lid : a revolutionnary patented closure system

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16,63 € Tax excluded

0.24 kg

After Nina and Charlotte, the fashion is Polka dot!

Featuring a stylish design with white polka dots on a blue background and a practical, polished line, Polka is easy to hold and very easy to carry.

The TWIZZ Polka mug is also insulated, sealed and without lid

Accustomed to the frosty winters of the Czech Republic, Polka had to have a double insulating wall that allows him to keep warm 2h and cold 6h. For those who want to prolong the warm or cold side of their beverage, TWIZZ also goes into the microwave, fridge or freezer.

Its innovative closure system is designed to be completely sealed once closed and both insulated which allows to dance the polka with its drink without spilling a single drop.

Invented in Lyon and made in France the TWIZZ is 100% French!

CompositionPolypropylene & silicone
PropertiesDelivered with the straw, BPA Free, recyclable
Instructions for useMicrowave safe in the opened position, freezer and refrigerator safe. Not suitable for dishwasher.