Steel TWIZZ 600 Vale


New product

The mug Steel TWIZZ Vale mug is:

  • Insulated : it keeps your drink hot 6h and cold 12h
  • Sealed : you will not lose any more of your drinks!
  • Without lid : a revolutionnary patented closure system

It is in pre-order, so you will have it only at the end of October.
If you order other products, you will not have them until the Steel TWIZZ will be available!

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29,95 € Tax included

0.48 kg

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The Vale stainless steel mug, the most practical travel mug!

Thanks to its simplified opening and closing system, you can enjoy your drink in one small movement. The Steel TWIZZ Vale mug keeps the same promise as any other TWIZZ: you will never lose a drop of your beverage, brilliant no?

The new stainless steel mug, let's talk about it

Thanks to the stainless steel and the double wall system, you will be able to keep your hot drinks until 6 o'clock and cold 12 o'clock. So you do not have to worry: your coffee or tea will stay warm enough time for you to drink it;) You will also be able to keep your homemade smoothie fresh all day with you to enjoy it. With its blue and brown design, Vale will quickly become your daily ally!

The steel TWIZZ Vale is at 25 euros instead of 30.
It is in pre-order, so you will have it only at the end of October.
If you order other products with the steel TWIZZ, you will receive all your items only at the end of October, when the steel TWIZZ will be available!

Height22cm ou 18,5cm sans le haut
CompositionStainless steel, polypropylene and silicone
PropertiesDelivered with its straw, BPA free
Instructions for useNot suitable for dishwasher

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