TWIZZ Colette


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The TWIZZ Colette mug is:

  • Insulated : it keeps your drink hot 2h and cold 6h
  • Sealed : you will not lose any more of your drinks!
  • Without lid : a revolutionnary patented closure system

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16,63 € Tax excluded

0.24 kg

The new TWIZZs of the summer have finally arrived!

The travel mug "TWIZZ Colette", the distant cousin of Paulette of Greece comes to refresh you.

The innovative mug TWIZZ Colette

Accustomed to lounging by the beach, Colette had to be equipped with a double insulating wall, which allows him to be able to keep the freshness of his coffee hit for 6 hours, and the heat of his tea until 2 o'clock.

If you want to extend the warm or cold side of your drink, the travel mug neolid goes into the microwave, fridge and freezer to adapt to your every need

The neolid mug is completely revolutionary thanks to its innovative closure system. Which once closed makes it 100% sealed to dance the Sirtaki without spilling a single drop.

Useful in winter as in summer, work and holidays TWIZZ is the object you will not be able to do without you.

Invented in Lyon and made in Savoy, the Colette gourde is 100% French.

CompositionPolypropylene & silicone
PropertiesDelivered with the straw, BPA Free, recyclable
Instructions for useMicrowave safe in the opened position, freezer and refrigerator safe. Not suitable for dishwasher.

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